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By Andy Stanton, David Tazzyman

Shabba me whiskers! It’s a kind of Mr Gum books by means of Andy Stanton. They’re basically the craziest, funnest such a lot awesome books for kids within the world.

Mr Gum in ‘The Hound of Lamonic Bibber’ Bumper ebook Step once again into Lamonic Bibber my associates - when you dare. at the hours of darkness, while all of the stars are slumbering and the moon’s nipped off for a espresso, anything darkish and sinister stalks the streets of Lamonic Bibber. As a fog rolls in from the ocean, wearing with it the unmistakeable whiff of pancakes and utter dread, an unearthly howl echoes in the course of the chilly nighttime air. yet who – or what – is at paintings the following? Shabba me suspense-filled whiskers, this one would require a few severe detective work!

This higher, larger, fatter, grislier, frisbier variation of the Mr Gum international ebook Day publication comes whole with great bonus fabric – this means that extra enjoyable and frolics for you and your Snocklehead friends.

Andy Stanton’s the world over best-selling sequence has gained every little thing from the Blue Peter e-book Award (twice) the Roald Dahl humorous Prize and the purple condo Children’s ebook Award.

Praise for Mr Gum:

‘Smooky palooki! This e-book is definitely brilliant!’ – Jeremy Strong

‘Worryingly correct’ – mum or dad no longer FOR BORERS!

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Woof,’ scowled Mr Gum, his bloodshot eyes blazing like lanterns. ‘Woof, woof,’ stated Billy William, his hands wrapped tight round Mr Gum’s waist. A tail made of rope hung limply from the again of his apron. ‘Bark bark bark. ’ ‘It’s no solid tryin’ to idiot us not more, you undesirable men,’ acknowledged Polly. ‘We obvious via your ratty previous disguises. An’ it appears like it’s checkmate for you! ’ bankruptcy thirteen and everybody Says ‘Hooray! ’ ‘So you see,’ Polly advised the group open air the butcher’s store later that morning, ‘it used to be Mr Gum an’ Billy all alongside. each evening they performed dressed up of their smelly outdated fur coat an’ terrorised the city. ’ ‘But I observed them taking part in chess the evening the Hound attacked me and Burger Boy,’ frowned Jonathan Ripples. ‘How might they be in locations instantly? ’ ‘I questioned ’bout that myself, Mr Ripples, sir,’ acknowledged Polly. ‘My suspicions was once first ’roused whilst I observed Billy William a-lyin’ at the butcher’s store ground. He didn’t glance relatively correct an’ he wasn’t movin’ one tiny bit. An’ then Friday’s wonderful music performed gave me the real clue what i wished to paintings it out. ’ ‘I am no child with a dummy’, sang Friday, slipping into his tap-dancing footwear once again. ‘An’ it used to be that notice – “dummy” – what performed it,’ stated Polly, prime the surprised crowd into the butcher’s store the place Mr Gum and Billy nonetheless sat hunched over their chessboard. ‘Splib! ’ trembled outdated Granny. ‘Watch out, Polly! ’ ‘Don’t worry,’ acknowledged Polly, tugging at Mr Gum’s beard simply to have it come off in her hand. ‘See? They isn’t nothin’ yet plastic store dummies. Dummies. Jus’ like Friday stated in his tune. the genuine culprits are tied up ’gainst the Oak Tree of disgrace within the city sq.. ’ ‘The villains extensively utilized this to assist of their creative illusion,’ persevered Friday, attaining less than the counter and generating a battered outdated tape recorder coated in grease. ‘Observe,’ he stated, urgent PLAY. ‘Right, I received an excellent move,’ growled Mr Gum’s voice from the laptop. ‘I’m gonna movement me Bishop over there –’ yet Friday had pressed cease. He may stand to listen to the villains’ voices not more, and in addition he simply loved urgent buttons. ‘So it used to be simply Mr Gum and Billy as much as their traditional mischief,’ stated David Casserole, town mayor. ‘What a negative scheme, attempting to do away with Jake the puppy like that! yet you stuck them, Friday. you actually are the best detective of all of them. ’ ‘Thank you, your majesty,’ stated Friday graciously, ‘but I can’t settle for your speech. It makes me puke deep down inside of the place the reality rather lies. in actual fact, there's one larger even than I. ’ And with that, he took out an imaginary detective’s razor and shaved off his imaginary detective’s moustache. ‘Here,’ acknowledged Friday, handing the moustache to Polly. ‘This belongs to you presently. positioned it on, little miss,’ he advised, ‘put it on. ’ And so, with tears in her eyes, Polly donned that mythical invisible facial hair and proudly she stood there twirling it thoughtfully among her thumb and her forefinger for all not to see. ‘The passing of an imaginary detective’s moustache from one iteration to a different is an important occasion,’ Friday informed the assembled townsfolk.

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