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The function of the visible arts within the statement of ecu colonial strength has been the topic of a lot contemporary research and redefinition. This ebook takes as a floor for dialogue the illustration of Indian surroundings and structure by means of British artists within the overdue eighteenth and early 19th centuries. It comprises the paintings of a range of artists from the Daniells to Edward Lear, yet valuable to the learn is a selected specialize in William Hodges, a pioneer within the box who loved a detailed organization with Britain's first Governor basic in India, Warren Hastings, and whose notable physique of labor as draughtsman, painter and author shaped a very important legacy for later artists. The ebook contains lots of his work and drawings not often or by no means formerly released, and analyses his paintings and writing when it comes to the highbrow and aesthetic rules of his time. The work and drawings mentioned listed below are proven to be advanced items, status in a unavoidably complicated dating with historic occasions and ideas. This dating is explored and outlined absolutely, to give a brand new intervention in post-colonial cultural theory.

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