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Starting with an outline of the symbolism of inventive forces usually, The Phallus first examines the illustration of male fertility in such types because the menhirs or status stones of prehistoric Europe; the Mahalinga and Svayambhu of India; and the traditional Greek Omphalos. the second one a part of the ebook surveys the presence of ithyphallic gods in archaic shamanistic religions (the Lord of the Animals), the Greek pantheon (Hermes, Priapus), and the Hindu deities (Ardhanarishvara, the androgyne). Danielou additionally explores the position of Shaivist and Dionysian initiatory rites in bringing males into communion with the inventive forces of lifestyles. Illustrated all through with images and line drawings of ecu and Indian paintings, The Phallus celebrates the expression of the masculine within the spiritual traditions of East and West.

Phallic imagery, in a single shape or one other, should be present in the inventive traditions of almost each international tradition seeing that prehistoric instances. Alain Danielou the following unveils the non secular impulse underlying artwork that in the first place look turns out to don't have any objective past the erotic.

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Every thing, consequently, consists of the signature of the lingam and the yoni. it's the deity who, within the kind of the person phallus, penetrates every one womb and procreates all beings" (Karpātri, "Lingopāsanā Rahasya," p. 163). "It is he on my own who really penetrates each womb" (Shvetāshvatara Upanishad, five. 2) The very identify Delphi stems from delphys: womb. THE UNION OF THE SEXES within the nation previous embodiment, the gods shape yet one sole being; there is not any perceptible duality, no confident or unfavorable strength. yet from the instant that the 1st tendency in the direction of manifestation appears to be like within the nondifferentiated substratum, duality is already current. This duality has the nature of 2 poles of contrary attraction—one of confident tendency, the opposite negative—which are manifested all through production less than female and male elements. there isn't any chance of production with out the union of opposites. not anything can factor from both Shiva or Nature by myself. For construction to ensue, the union of an energetic and a passive precept, a male organ and a feminine organ, is quintessential. The union of the cosmic individual and common Nature is represented via the copulation (maithuna) of Shiva and the goddess. Transcendental virility is the immanent reason for production. Transcendental femininity is its effective reason. those rules, within the microcosm, are in particular obvious within the reproductive organs, which signify the basic actual functionality of all residing beings. In nature every thing pivots on copy and is made to guarantee the continuity of lifestyles. it truly is within the union of the lingam and the yoni that divinity, the ability to create, turns into obvious in guy. Procreation is very unlikely with no this kind of union. and divine manifestation is both so with out its cosmic similar. The rituals that supply the potential for us to speak with the gods are interwoven with the act of creating love. "The first charm is the invocation of the god (hinkāra). "The invitation represents the laudes (prastāra). "Sleeping subsequent to the girl is the magnificat (udgītha). "Facing each other is the choir (pratihāra). "The orgasm is the consecration. "Separation is the ultimate hymn (nidhāna). "He who is aware that each sexual act is a hymn addressed to Vama-deva, the fiery type of Shiva, recreates himself with every one copulation. he'll thrive all of the days of his lifestyles; he'll reside lengthy and turn into prosperous in either offspring and in cattle; wealthy might be his renown" (Chāndogya Upanishad, 2. thirteen. 1). In Celtic mythology there's "the strong Fergus mac Roich, 'Fergus son of significant Horse', the identify itself being suggestive of virility. ... His penis is defined as being seven palms in size; he buddies with the divine queen Medb, 'Drunk Woman', whose personal sexuality is boundless" (Anne Ross, in Primitive Erotic artwork, p. 83). The transmission of the genetic code and its transplanting right into a conscientiously chosen soil, the move to a brand new being of an ancestral history containing the archetypes bequeathed it by way of divine inspiration, is crucial spiritual act of a man's lifestyles.

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